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Thank you for your willing support of the missions of our church.

To donate to our General Fund, you can use this quick popup window
To donate to our Roof Repair fund, you can use this popup window

To donate directly toward paying off our mortgage for improvements to our rental properties, use this handy widget.

You can also use a larger, prettier window to make a donation to our common purposes. Choose Mission area to support

You can choose any purpose for your donation by going to this

Within the Methodist Church there are some services where we take up special collections for the use of the denomination.   Special Collections

You may also donate to any mission of our church by mailing a check to the address on our Contacts page.

In April 2021 our church started with a new accounting system from a company ( that is entirely devoted to catering to the needs of churches and non-profits.  As part of their services they offer a direct connection to an online payment processor ( and we will be transitioning from our longtime processor Vanco to these services.  So we will be asking everyone making donations online to our church to make a new setup for their donation with us.  While there is no requirement (or way) to create an account before your first donation, upon completing your first donation you will receive an email with a link to a page at to track your donations.  When you click on the link, be sure to click the "Create a donor account" link at the bottom of the left column under "New User?"  This gives you a view of your donor activity through  If you click into the help links, you can also learn all about our new accounting system.  
So please continue to give generously to our church and let me know about your experiences with Aplos and WePay.